What We Offer

PersonaInsight is a Leadership & Brand Growth Consulting firm that helps individuals and institutions become leadership brands and differentiate themselves in a marketplace that is chaotic, to create intrinsic value and indelible impact. With its team of subject matter experts in Brand, Marketing and PR consulting, PersonaInsight through its consulting insights; helps create a niche identity for brands while ensuring to strengthen the bond with its consumers.

Brand Consulting

We master the art of crafting, cultivating and enhancing value of your corporate, product, and service brands. We work closely with business and brand leaders to develop a brand portfolio strategy and brand positioning architecture.

We primarily focus on
• Brand Strategy
• Brand positioning
• Brand Expression

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Marketing Consulting

We develop integrated marketing programs that increase the number of customers and enhance the consumer loyalty.

We primarily focus on
• Touchpoints mapping
• Go-to-market strategy
• Market growth & expansion
• Strategy & Content in Augmented and Virtual Reality

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Reputation Consulting

We help you define where your organization is headed in terms of communications framework.

We primarily focus on
• Corporate & Leadership
• Product & brand - B2B & B2C
• Employee engagement
• Crisis/ Risk & Reputation
• Advocacy & public affairs, CSR
• Campaign Management

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 Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Aspiring leaders and organizations looking to drive brand growth to new levels can count on our expertise to accelerate growth in a multitude of ways. Our comprehensive consulting offering is designed to address the full spectrum of brand growth opportunities.

Our approach is based on a rigorous eye to details analysis that can throw fresh insights into your markets, customers, consumers and competitors. We cut-throat Sooth-Sayers who reveal the plain, and naked truths about those blind spots to your and go to the skin of the issue until it is fully revealed as we believe any strategy built upon anything less than hard truth is unsustainable to deliver impact.

The Founder

Our team of experts are our greatest asset and the biggest differentiator.
Jhon Arokiasamy
Jhon Arokiasamy
The Founder

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We help you define your communications framework and ensure that your entire organization is aligned around your business, brand, and marketing communication.